All Aboard the Norwegian Cruise Line

Pack your bags, gather your points, and get ready to set sail when you cruise with Margaritaville Vacation Club. Use your points for a variety of destinations and itineraries aboard your exclusive cruise provider, Norwegian Cruise Line.

All Margaritaville Vacation Club owners can participate in this benefit; there are no special memberships or program enrollments required.

Cruise reservations may be confirmed between 10 and two months from the sailing date by calling Club Wyndham Travel at 833-760-0682.

Important Information:

  • When confirming a cruise reservation, you may use up to the amount of points owned including points associated with Bonus Contracts.
  • Points may not be borrowed for cruise reservations.
  • Points may be rented for cruises 3 months or less from the sailing date at the rate of $12 per 1,000 points.
  • One Reservation Transaction will be charged for each cruise.
  • Points required are per cabin and based on double occupancy. Where available, third and fourth persons may be added in the same cabin for additional points.
  • Cabin accommodations, ocean transport, all meals on board and ship entertainment are included in the quoted rates.
  • Members are responsible for transportation to the cruise departure location, and additional charges, government fees, beverages which are not part of the regular menu, express mail charges and other ancillary items not mentioned as “included.” A credit card may be necessary for these expenses.
  • Add-on features may be available and reserved by the cruise specialist for additional costs.
  • Reservations are subject to availability and may change or exclude holidays and special sailings.
  • Days of the week, dates, itineraries and ships are all subject to change without notice.
  • Cancellations may be subject to penalties in accordance with the cruise line.
  • Modifications or cancellations to the package will need to be processed with a Club Wyndham Travel Representative at 833-760-0682.

Cruise points are based on two (2) people per cabin • Exclusive of all taxes and fees.

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