Wyndham Cares
When your circumstances or vacation goals change, Margaritaville Vacation Club has several solutions to meet your unique needs. Call 866-434-9046 to start exploring your options today.
  • Scambusters

    Stay alert and beware of misleading information regarding your timeshare. Contact Scambusters to report any potential scams or suspicious solicitation.

    Report a scam
  • Featured Resellers
    Featured Resellers

    After closing your membership, you might be interested in selling your timeshare interest. Check out trusted Featured Resellers who can help.

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  • Certified Exit – Backed By Wyndham
    Certified Exit – Backed By Wyndham

    Your trusted source for timeshare concerns. The program includes multiple ownership options and provides five points of protection for your peace of mind.

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