The Registry Collection

The Registry Collection® program is an exclusive exchange benefit for Margaritaville Vacation Club Presidential Reserve owners that is offered in addition to their membership in a Worldwide External Exchange company (RCI). Additionally, The Registry Collection offers exclusive access to more than 70 boutique resorts, fractional resorts, and luxury vacation homes in some of the most desired vacation destinations. 

Reservations for full-week stays within The Registry Collection program can be made from 12 months up to two days in advance of the desired arrival date. To determine the total number of points required for your desired stay, call 866-RESERVE (800-737-3783) to initiate the exchange.

Important Information
  • Reservations for The Registry Collection program require a $295 exchange fee, subject to change without notice.
  • If the desired location is not available, you will be offered the option of being placed on a waitlist, and will be notified in the event that the accommodations become available. You have up to two business days to respond to the waitlist reservation offered.
  • Only points associated with the ownership interest and benefits in Presidential Reserve Suites® are eligible to be used to obtain an exchange within The Registry Collection program.

Refer to The Registry Collection Program Exchange Chart below to determine the number of points required for your stay. Point totals shown are for a seven-night exchange. The Registry Collection program properties, fees, points, and cancellation policies are subject to change without notice. Inventory is available on a first-come, first-served basis.


1 BR

2 BR

3 BR

4 BR or more
















As a Presidential Reserve Member, you will enjoy a special 50% points discount when you confirm a reservation 29 days or less prior to arrival with The Registry Collection program.

The Registry Collection Cancellation Policy:

The cancellation policy for these reservations have separate guidelines as outlined below and apply to both the exchange fee and the points used for the reservation.

  • Margaritaville Vacation Club points with their associated Presidential Reserve benefits will be returned to the account as long as the cancellation is made three days or more prior to check-in.
  • You have a 24-hour grace period to cancel a reservation in The Registry Collection program and receive a full refund of the $295 exchange fee.
  • Reservations canceled after the 24-hour grace period will forfeit the $295 exchange fee.
  • Reservations canceled two days or less from the arrival date will result in complete forfeiture of points.

Date Canceled

Exchange Fee Refunded

Points Returned

Prior to close of the next business day



After the 24-hour grace period, and up to 3 days prior to arrival



2 days or less from arrival



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